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  • SFB 1064 Collaborative Research Center: Seminars 2019
  • Events 2019 at the Gene Center Munich

  • Seminars and Symposia 2019 at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

  • Campus Martinsried:
    You find a comprehensive list of seminars and lectures at the MPI of Biochemistry, the MPI of Neurobiology, the Gene Center, the LMU Biocenter, the Innovation and Founding Center Biotechnology (IZB), the Helmholtz-Zentrum, the University Institutes of Biochemistry and Physiological Chemistry, and at the Department of Biology.
  • CIPSM Events & News

  • Departmental Seminars
    April 29 Lena Bergmann
    May 06 Haris Khan
    May 13 Marcel Genge
    May 20 Flavia Söllner

  • Journal Club
    April 26 Benedikt Brink
    May 03 Adrian Schomburg
    May 10 Moritz Resch
    May 17 Raul Cosentino