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A new EU-funded Innovative Training Network (ITN) for PhD students called ChroMe (Chromatin & Metabolism), which will be coordinated by Professor Andreas Ladurner, will explore how the products of metabolism intervene in gene regulation. An international team of researchers plans to identify the molecular mechanisms that account for these emerging connections between genes and nutrition, and will search for targeted approaches to the therapy of the metabolic syndrome. more

Drosophila in the midlife crisis: Aging in all living organisms is characterized by diminished metabolic activity and increased errors in gene regulation as they reach old age. This favors the emergence of diseases. Using the Drosophila fruit fly, we find that age-related changes in metabolic activity and protein acetylation are already seen in middle age. By lowering the production of a key metabolite, acetyl-CoA, or by reducing the activity of a key acetyltransferase enzyme, we find that we can obtain flies that are much fitter at midlife and live longer. Our study reveals new avenues for promoting longevity by reducing metabolic activity and protein acetylation. more