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Our department teaches Biochemistry/Molecularbiology for medical students in their second pre-clinical semester. Each year there are about 900 new students. An important part of these courses include the 33 main lectures, where all fundamental aspects of Biochemistry are extensively explained. These lectures comprise detailed explanations on the various classes of substances in biochemistry, the pH-regulation in the blood, immunochemistry and the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids.

In practical courses that are held in parallel to the main lectures, various biochemical-clinical aspects are discussed. During these practical courses, teams of two medical students independently perform biochemical experiments under professional supervision. There is also a seminar before and after each practical course. In both these seminars relevant biochemical-clinical topics and methodical approaches are further explained.

To help the young medical students in their pre-clinical phase already be aware of some important clinical aspects, we additionally organise Integrated Seminars. The students prepare talks on medical, relevant topics like atherosclerosis or the therapeutic usage of antibodies, and explain those from a biochemical perspective. Finally, we support the wish of students to perform some seminars for the practical courses in English, thereby enabling an added value for medical education.

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