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Metabolites mediate essential cellular responses to environmental change. Vital gene programs are responsive to the intake of dietary glucose, fructose and ethanol. We have identified a druggable metabolite-binding pocket in a vital factor. We seek an enthusiastic and committed postdoc for an exciting frontline project at the interface of biomedical sciences, physiology and drug discovery. Studies will be at the biochemical, cell biological, structural, chemical and small molecule level how the activity of our carbohydrate-regulated factor can be switched by the identified and validated small molecule probes and chemical leads.

Nicolai Siegel has received a Consolidator Grant. It is already the second ERC grant in his careers. In his research, Nicolai is interested in how variability in pathogen populations contributes to the establishment of lasting infections.The goal of the project is to better understand how pathogens adapt to their environment and potentially develop resistances. This knowledge should help with the development of new intervention strategies and drugs. more