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In this paper, the group of Dr. Sigurd Braun show that in Schizosaccharomyces pombe, the telomere‐associated sequences (TAS) present on most subtelomeres are hyper‐recombinogenic, have metastable nucleosomes, and unusual low levels of H3K9 methylation. Ccq1, a subunit of shelterin, protects TAS from nucleosome loss by recruiting the heterochromatic repressor complexes CLRC and SHREC, thereby linking nucleosome stability to gene silencing. They propose that Ccq1 and fragile subtelomeres co‐evolved to regulate telomere plasticity by controlling nucleosome occupancy and genome stability. more

The activity of the human oncogene and chromatin remodeler ALC1 is strictly regulated by PARP1 activation. In this new study we reveal how oligomers of ADP-ribose trigger the activation of ALC1 from an auto-inhibited state. We identify cancer mutations that disrupt the NAD+-metabolite-regulated allosteric mechanism and activate chromatin remodeling. Modular allostery in this oncogene tightly controls its robust, DNA-damage-dependent activation. more