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High School and Undergraduate Research Programme (URP)

  • Diploma and Undergraduate Trainee students:
  • Please apply well ahead of time and describe in your coverletter how your stay will benefit your career and what your long-term goals are.
  • For our scientists we provide an excellent scientific education and an extensive support:
    1.) Diploma and other Undergraduate Trainee students will present their latest results in the weekly group meetings within each research group.
    2.) Our weekly departmental seminars are excellent opportunities to exchange experimental, scientific and methodical/technical knowledge in a broad field of research.
    3.) Every Friday, we have our Journal Club, where one scientist presents a recent paper of general interest for the co-workers in the department. A Press Release written by the presentor summarizes the impact of the paper.

Research Trainees in our department

Christina Gladkova:
She joined our department on July 1st and will stay for 3 months. She is working with Rupa Banerjee in the group of Dr. Dejana Mokranjac. As a visiting Undergraduate she is supported by a DAAD RISE fellowship.

Zoe Ford:
She is an undergraduate studying Biochemistry at Pembrock/Oxford. She will work with Andrew Bowman in the reserach group of Prof. Andreas Ladurner. She arrived June 30th and will stay in our department for 3 months.

David Kovacs:
He visited the group of Dr. Gyula Timinszky for 3 monht in the beginning of 2014.

David Mörsdorf:
Originally from Tübingen, he joined our institute in February 2014 spending two months in the research group of Carla Margulies.

Michael Dietachmayr:
He is a Medical student currently doing practical work in the research group of Sigurd Braun

Giuliana Lott:
She joined our institute in September 2013 and spent six weeks in the group of Carla Margulies. Giuliana is a Master student in Biology at the LMU Munich. 

Meaghan E. Colling:
Meaghan is Stanley Sarnoff Research Fellow from the Harvard Medical School/USA. She will join the group of Prof. Andreas Ladurner in July to do a three months research training. 

Anu Thomas:
Originally from Bangalore/India, Anu is doing her Master of Science in the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research/Kerala. She joined our institute on May, 1st, 2013. She participated in studying the mechanisms of UV-induced DNA repair and ADP-ribosylation in the group of Dr. Gyula Timinszky.

Scott Wood:
Scott joined our institute in September, 2012. He is an Undergraduate in Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry with Biotechnology, University of Glasgow. He was working for twelve months in the group of Dr. Sigurd Braun.

Barbara Golia:
Barbara joined the department already in 2012 as an Undergraduate trainee. Since October 2012 she is a PhD student in the group of Dr. Gyula Timinszky.

Alexander Esin:
Sasha is an Undergraduate in Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry, Pembroke College, University of Oxford/UK. He joined us in July, 2012 and worked for three months in the group of Prof. Andreas Ladurner.