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PhD Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

  • We are always interested in hearing from you. Please feel free to enquire for opportunities of how you might join our team.
  • Students interested in conducting a PhD in our lab, please refer to the pages describing "Training". You are welcome to contact us at any time and to describe your research interests and career ambitions
  • Postdoc candidates please outline your career goals, your scientific interests, any specific projects you have       in mind and provide a list of ideally three referees.
  • For our scientists, we provide an excellent scientific education and an extensive support:
    PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows will present their latest results in the weekly group meetings within each research group.
    In addition, our weekly departmental seminars are excellent opportunities to exchange experimental, scientific and methodical/technical knowledge in a broad field of research.
    Once a month we have our Journal Club, where one scientist presents an actual paper of general interest for the co-workers in the department.
  • For every PhD student we have a thesis advisory committee (TAC). The TAC consists of the corresponding principle investigator and additional international scientists The committee, which meets 1 - 2 times per year, provides additional guidance for the graduate students and ensures that the thesis is finished within a maximum of three to four years.